WWDC17 – What’s New ?

Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is taking place at San Jose, CA this year. This year I was lucky enough to get a ticket from the lottery and could jump into 5 days of knowledge boost.


WWDC17 – San Jose McEnery Convention Center


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The conference is simply amazing. Very inspirational and satisfying. The amount of the knowledge being exchanged is mind blowing. Technical and design sessions provide very rich information about the new technologies and best UX practises. In parallel to the sessions, there are also many labs happening which allows focusing on a more specific content with Apple engineers. This part of the conference gives the feeling of a free bug-fix and a product enhancement session.

Major Announcements

Like in the previous years, this year there are many big announcements happening as well. Exciting technical announcements were,

  • iOS 11,
  •  Swift 4.0,
  •  XCode 9,
  •  watchOS 4,
  •  macOS High Sierra,
  •  Core Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing,
  •  ARKit,
  •  Metal 2,
  •  Siri improvements including live translation and many more.

The Keynote took place on Monday (which was the opening event) also had major hardware announcements like

  •  HomePod,
  •  iMac Pro,
  •  New iPad Pro.

Opening Keynote – Monday

Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg. WWDC has a lot more to offer and sessions are the way the get the most out of it. Not only iOS developers but everyone should definitely have a look at these sessions (which are streamed online as well) and embrace these ideas to improve our existing products. I personally see a lot of new opportunities for our business and products 🙂

Let’s Go More Technical

After the announcements this year, we can definitely say that Swift is not an immature, experimental language anymore. Swift 3.0 release was already addressing many missing points a powerful language requires, Swift 4.0 release secured this place even more.

Also, as many of iOS/macOS developers know, XCode was not the friendliest IDE and we were ending up having frustration. This year’s XCode 9 release is maybe the biggest XCode release we have seen so far. Many issues are already addressed and a lot of cool features are waiting to be tested !

Like other major tech companies, Apple is also investing a lot on Machine Learning, VR and AR topics. This year’s announcements are definitely worth checking if you are interested in those areas.

Major deep-technical highlights from WWDC were,

  • Swift 4.0
    • String overhaul
    • Better mix & match with Obj-C
    • Swift 3.2 backward compatibility out of the box
  • Xcode 9
    • Faster build time
    • Faster indexing
    • Swift, Obj-C, C, C++ refactoring
    • Code generation
    • Built-in GitHub integration
    • Smart warnings, fix-ins
    • Markdown Editor
    • New build system
    • New sanitizers
    • Wireless development
  • UIKit
    • Autolayout improvements on StackView
    • DynamicType
    • External keyboard improvements
    • TableView improvements
  • Drag & Drop API
  • Files App
  • Machine learning CoreML
    • Pre-trained ML model conversion from open source resources
    • Class autogeneration from ML models
    • New Natural Language Processing APIs
  • SiriKit improvements
  • MusicKit
  • Vision API improvements

Get the most out of WWDC Sessions

Finally, I have created a markdown collection repo on GitHub for all the sessions I am attending at WWDC17. I have started this as a self diary for myself but people started to like the idea and it became popular very quickly 🙂 If you are looking for a brief summary of these sessions, I know where you can go. Check out the repo I have created for a live feed !

For more information about all these topics, make sure you check Apple’s developer portal.
Happy Coding !

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