foodpanda devs at symfony con

Pandas @ SymfonyCon 2016

SymfonyCon 2016 was held in Berlin last week and foopanda sent a team of developers hailing from nine different countries to learn about the latest developments in the Symfony Framework and how the PHP developer community is using it. We also got access to a “hackday,” some nice t-shirts, loads of laptop stickers, so very much coffee and a “hipster-themed” after-show party.

Overall I think we all wished that many of the seminars had been able to go into even more depth, but everyone came away with a good set of new concepts and tools to check out in our own time.

New things in Symfony that we’re excited about:

Other stuff we’re looking forward to spending time with:

With foodpanda’s move towards a micro-service architecture I’m sure we’ll have lots of opportunities to put these new ideas into practice.

All the presentations from the SymfonyCon Berlin 2016 will be available here at some point in the near future.

foodpanda devs at symfony con

Stuart, Jacopo, Nikolay and Aditya at SymfonyCon 2016

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