MicroXchg 2018

Last week our team was at MicroXchg 2018, checking out the best that the microservices architecture has to offer.

From the simple synchronous communication to the most complex event storming, the conference offered very interesting insights.

Event driven approach for communication between microservices seems to be the most commonly used method.

Lutz Huehnken explains in his talk “Designing reactive system with event storming“, on how to design your system using events, domain driven design and commands. 

Lutz promotes the idea of focusing on the events first, describing the system in terms of the things that happen making concepts explicit and only then explore the commands that trigger these events. He emphasizes that one should not jump to conclusions, instead let the aggregates emerge from the flow of events and commands.

Service mesh is emerging as a dedicated infrastructure layer for making service-to-service communication safe, fast, and reliable

Liz Rice, Daniel Bryant and Owen Garret, mentioned how service mesh can improve the service-to-service communication by providing at infrastructure level traffic control, timeouts / deadlines, circuit-breaker functionality and others.

The idea is that a service mesh act on layers 5(session) and 6(presentation) being able to remove this complexity entirely from the layer 7(application).

Some of the options presented to help with that are:

Security is always a concern

That security is always a concern everyone knows, with the microservices architecture nothing changes in this regard. Andrew Martin showed in his talk “Continuous Kubernetes Security” how a backdoor in one of your containers can cause a big damage.

Both Andrew Martin and Liz Rice used their presentation to give some tips on how to improve your security when using containers:

  • Always apply patches on your docker images
  • Make automatic scan for vulnerabilities
  • Reduce docker image size (so you have a smaller attack surface)
  • Encrypt connections between containers

Many other topics were discussed at the conference where we learned a lot for sure. The most important thing to realize is that Pandora is in the right direction when it comes to microservices architecture.

The talks are available in the conference Youtube channel MicroXchg 2018.

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