The foodpanda tech team is super exited to announce that we will start our own Tech Blog in 2016. Going forward we want to open up and share as much of our knowledge, ideas and experience with the IT community as possible. In this first entry, I would like to introduce the purpose behind this initiative.


After more then 3 years of building the foodpanda platform we are still doing a lot of things wrong everyday. On the upside we also tried, learned and accomplished so many things, and we feel that it’s time to start sharing the experience that we have gained along the way. Everybody in the foodpanda tech team is invited to share his or her thoughts on this blog – from the recently joined intern to the longest serving veteran. We want to talk about our platform, team, recommend tools and processes, fun moments and also failures and disappointments. Feedback is, of course, more then welcome!

Food for reading

In the past, foodpanda’s technology was a black box. Not just for partners or potential future employees, but also for friends and even non-technical people within the company. With this blog we want to give people a place to browse through information on their own and allow them to read much deeper into topics of interest then a quick chat or mail would allow. We want to provide quality content, documenting our technical efforts in making food ordering a little more convenient every day.

Giving back to the community

Pretty much everything we have built has been based on the ideas of many very smart people. To a very large extent we use servers, programming languages, frameworks and tools that have been created by the open source community. By publishing internal tools and solutions, as well as writing about our work, we hope to be able to help others going forward.

Let’s start…

So far we are a little short on posts, but at least the obligatory About foodpanda and We are hiring pages are ready.


Have fun and a Happy New Year!

Posted by on 20 Dec 2015

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