Tech Roles

Software Engineer Go

Senior Software Engineer - Go

Software Engineer PHP

Senior Software Engineer - PHP

Frontend Engineer

(Senior) Software Engineer - Frontend

DevOps Engineer

(Senior) DevOps Engineer

Android Engineer

(Senior) Mobile Engineer - Android

iOS Engineer

(Senior) Mobile Engineer - iOS

Product Roles

Product Designer

(Senior) Product Designer (m/f)

UX Designer

(Senior) User Experience Designer (m/f)

QA Analyst

(Senior) Quality Assurance Analyst

What we offer

  • the chance to be part of a fast growing and global company
  • a vibrant and international team
  • regular company and team events
  • an annual education budget for every employee
  • a modern and spacious office in the heart of Berlin
  • free German classes
  • free sports activities inside and outside the office
  • employee discounts (e.g. gyms, public transport, car rental companies etc.)
  • free drinks, cereals and fruits (and beers on Friday :))


Moving is always a big step - no matter whether it is just to another city, to another country or even to the other side of the world. Many pandora employees relocate to Berlin to join our team - during the last year more than 50% of our new joiners moved here for their new job at pandora!

We offer all types of support when it comes to relocation and visa issues as we would like to move your move to Berlin as easy as possible.

Still not sure whether Berlin is the right city for you?

Here are a few reasons why you should come to work in Berlin:

040 Location
You’re at the heart of Europe - that means if you need a change of scenery you can easily travel to nine neighbouring countries by car / bus / train or take a plane to the sunny Mediterranean sea as well as to snowy Scandinavia and be there in less than 2 hours!
001 Quality of Life 
Luckily Berlin still is a very affordable city, especially when you compare it to other European capitals. Many regular expenses (rent, groceries, public transport etc.) are incredibly reasonable, but also dinners and drinks outside can be enjoyed at very low costs and offering a great variety of options. If you have kids, keep in mind that Germany offers 12+2 months paid parental leave for all employees and also subsidized child care.
018 Tech Scene 
Berlin is one of Europe’s most entrepreneurial cities with an amazing start-up culture. During the last decade the city has even established itself as the world’s third biggest web and e-commerce startup location, which encourages a lot of big players to open offices here and ensures there are thousands of tech meet-ups, conferences etc. happening in the city each year!
001 Cultural Capital
Berlin is definitely one of the cities in Europe with the biggest offer of any type of cultural activities - from music festivals to street art workshops and gallery openings! Many people from all over the world come to Berlin every year due to its reputation as a very open-minded and easy-going metropolis. Berlin has also established itself as Germany’s most cosmopolitan city where speaking English will get you around just fine (and when there are tiny exceptions to that we will definitely help you to sort them out! :))
057 Holidays
In Germany full-time employees have a minimum of 20 paid holiday per year (at pandora we have 26) plus there are another 9 public holidays that allow you to really enjoy the city in your free time or spend a couple of weeks travelling per year.
009 Public Transport
Germany’s public transportation system is one of the most efficient in the world and Berlin’s public transport called BVG works 24h a day, 7 days a week - no need for expensive taxis after a night out or before an early morning flight! Besides that Berlin has a dense network of cycle paths that make biking to work an enjoyable workout 🙂 and allows you to explore the city by bike on the weekends as well.
037 Health Care
Germany has a universal health care system which is funded by a contribution system - payments are based on a percentage of income and shared between employee and employer. Your children and partner (if not working) are also automatically covered by your health insurance provider as part of a family insurance at no extra cost.
064 Nature
Berlin and its surroundings are home to many beautiful parks, lakes, rivers and canals. The city alone counts more than 2,500 public parks and gardens and around 425,000 trees. If you travel a little further you will find even more amazing nature in the villages and towns around Berlin. Just to give you an idea how untypical Berlin is compared to other big cities: Berlin’s population is only 3.5 million but its geographical area is bigger than Paris or Greater London!
051 ...oh, and did we mention beer?